Free Credit Reports


Obtain Your Free Credit Report

To get the all important mortgage, your credit rating must be considered good enough by your lender. 

There isn’t a minimum score required by lenders, and the score that lenders are looking for will vary from lender to lender. The way lenders interpret credit scores can also be different, as there are 4 different credit checking agencies.

You can check your credit score using the link below. This Service checks all 4 agencies, allowing us as a broker to have a better idea of what all mortgage lenders are seeing, which puts us in a better position to source the most appropriate & suitable mortgage for your circumstances.

Using CheckMyFile requires that you sign up to a 30 Day Trial, you can cancel at any time using the secure message service, by phone, or by email. If you choose to keep the service after the trial period, the cost is 14.99 a month.