Remortgaging is the process of switching your existing mortgage to another mortgage lender, usually to lower the amount you’re paying on your mortgage or alternatively reduce the term of your mortgage. Our team of remortgage advisers will access the market, reviewing each option and providing you with a remortgage that best suits your circumstances, helping you to switch and save.


You are not obliged to stick with your original lender for the full mortgage term, and you can move to another lender at any time to get a lower interest rate – you don’t have to be buying a new home. Remortgaging could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the term of the mortgage. It is important to note that early repayment charges may be applied by the existing lender.


As with all mortgages, there are a large number of remortgages on the market and each with its own pro’s and con’s. Our job is to research all these mortgages for you, quickly and precisely to find you the exact remortgage which is best for your individual situation.



We can help you manage when best to change your mortgage and keep on top of the best deals for your circumstances.  If you took a mortgage with us previously, we will contact you before your renewal date to discuss the options and see what’s best for you.